Matchfixing, an important threat to sports

Date : 19/03/2018

Match fixing is one of the biggest and most unknown threats to sports and Belgium is not spared.

A recent study by postdoctoral researcher sports ethics, Dr. Els De Waegeneer from the University of Ghent revealed that one out of four sportsmen and sportswomen, has been confronted with the practice of match fixing, either directly or indirectly. In 65.6% of the cases, the incident was not reported. This survey, based on 614 respondents from Flemish sports federations (football, tennis and badminton), is an important step forward in the combat against corruption in sports. In 10% of the cases, match fixing was related to the gambling industry. It is a world closely related to serious crime, corruption, money laundering and terrorism, with victims being blackmailed. Match fixing with sportive objectives, is more frequent. It often involves ‘only’ 100-500€ or several crates of beer being exchanged for a pre-set outcome of the match to prevent a degradation for instance.

Transparency International Belgium is very concerned about the practice. The damage for individuals and their families is often devastating. Fans are being misled, fair play is sabotaged and money flows to places where it should not go.

We are raising funds to set up a series of workshops focussed on resisting the pressure of fixing a match. Support the Transparency International Belgium RUN FOR #ZEROCORRUPTION initiative by running the 20km for Brussels in a fair trade TI-Belgium shirt or sponsor one of our courageous runners!

Click here for the full presentation on "Matchfixing in Vlaanderen" (in Dutch only).


Hanneke de Visser, 19/03/2018