TransparencyCamp Europe

Date : 17/03/2016

In view of the Dutch Presidency, on the first of June 2016 Open State Foundation and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union will host the very first TransparencyCamp Europe in Amsterdam on June 1st. TransparencyCamp Europe is an unconference that focuses on open data, new technologies and policies that make the EU work for people, stimulates open government and helps people grasp the workings of the various EU institutions.


Participants from all over Europe will share their expertise on new technologies and governing policies to stimulate an open government. Developers, policy makers, journalists, diplomats, technologists, students, government officials and the public at large will come together to formulate and share ideas, insights, best practice and innovative measures on how to use technology to make governments more transparent and inclusive.


Also, they organised an app competition.

The App Competition challenges developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to use their imagination and build apps that unlock the power of EU open data. Participating will not only help create a better world, but will give you the chance to win a trip to TransparencyCamp USA.


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