2nd Young TI meeting

Date : 27/10/2015

A summary of the second Young TI meeting

Welcome by Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke, Executive Director of TI Belgium started the meeting welcoming all and explaining that membership of TI Belgium is heartedly recommended for those who would like to be actively involved with the movement. Membership contribution for students and/or unemployed is 20€/year. Otherwise, the contribution is 60€/year (starting from the date of payment, to be renewed 12 months later). More information can be found on www.transparencybelgium.be or feel free to contact Hanneke de Visser at info@transparencybelgium.be.

Currently, TI Belgium is funded solely by membership contributions and donations from the Fondation Roi Baudoin. When possible, TI participates in projects that are subsidized by the EU or other public institutions.


Aloïs, Léopold, Martin, Sarah, Sophie, students from UCL working on the TRAC project reported:

Their website research for 15 Bel20 and 15 Euronext companies has been finished. The documents will now be reviewed by several TI Belgium’s Board members. Scores were given for 1: description of an anti-corruption policy, 2: reporting about subsidiaries and 3: reporting of earnings of each legal entity.

The group has identified a remarkable difference between the Bel20 and Euronext companies. The compliance and transparency policies for Bel20 organisations are more developed. Mid December the reports will be ready, the project will be launched with a press release and a small conference. At this event, TI will take the opportunity to highlight which companies had high scores and why. Practical advice will be offered to those companies who still need to step up.


New website, update from Hanneke de Visser

The new TI Belgium website will be responsive, more interactive and dynamic with features to register for events, apply for membership etc. A lot of content will be copied from the old website, but several improvements are still ‘under construction’. Following the example of TI the Netherlands (http://www.transparency.nl/corruptie/), we want to elaborate more on ‘corruption’, referring to articles in the Belgian legislation for corruption, organisations that support victims of corruption, describing why fighting corruption in Belgium is important, etc. The website is bi-lingual, French-Dutch. If there are volunteers who like to help define this part of the website with Hanneke, please contact her!


Social media TI-B

TI Belgium has a LinkedIn account, several Facebook pages and a Twitter account. Together with the website, those are the most important channels to publish articles and to promote events. Due to the limited resources, few articles written by TI Belgium are published, most postings are originally from TI secretariat, TI EU, the FCPA blog and several Belgian newspapers. TI Belgium follows the TI EU policy to avoid ‘naming and shaming’. To build a loyal group of followers, we try to ‘nourish’ our audience with topical issues about corruption, rather than to create an image of condemnation. TI Belgium believes to achieve more with by encouraging collaboration based on academic and legal grounds than by publicly blaming those who do not comply with our standards of integrity and transparency. The idea was put forward to create a dropbox or other shared tool to share interesting urls. This centralized gathering of articles can reduce time spent by TI-B secretariat and create more volume of interesting news to share with followers.  Hanneke will follow up and keep everyone posted.


News from TI EU, by Alex Johnson

Alex reported the launch of the Unmask the Corrupt project, an important milestone for TI worldwide. This project has a focus on cases of corruption and people engagement. It is a new style, where ‘no impunity’ is the key objective to achieve.

Another important report that is released end of October is about FIFA. For those who are interested, TI has a sports section on its website.

To read more about a third major programme, which is launched by TI UK, surf to ‘A golden opportunity to tackle corruption through the tier 1 investment VISA scheme’.