Visit by delegation Ansan City - Republic of Korea

Date : 20/06/2018

Ms. Gyeong-Sook Kim, Team Manager from the Administrative Welfare Center of Ansan City from the Republic of Korea, paid a visit to Transparency International Belgium with a delegation of staff members of her department.

During the meeting, we spoke about TI's Local Integrity System methodology, our work on SOEs and how for instance TI Spain addresses transparency in their Parliaments with the successful IPAR methodology.

Ansan City has 700.000 inhabitants and is the capital of a district South West of Seoul. They mentioned how their department has made quite a bit of progress in recent years. This was illustrated by a project they have implemented 4 years ago which engages citizens in the budget planning. Meetings they organise for citizens to propose projects for the following financial year on average attract 80 inhabitants of the region and are much appreciated. 

They were keen to learn more about TI's yearly landmark, the CPI methodology.

It was a short, but friendly and energizing visit. The principles and concerns related to anti-corruption and integrity are very similar around the globe!