Transparency in Corporate Reporting of Anti-Corruption (TRAC) 2016

Date : 20/02/2017

TRAC and Louvain School of Management

Students from Louvain School of Management, who have worked on the TRAC 2016 study from Transparency International Belgium, held a presentation on their project for their fellow students. What is corruption? How can multinational companies be involved? How to measure it? How do multinational Belgian companies listed at Euronext report on their anti-corruption programs (ACP) and their organizational structure (OS), and how do they report on revenues, profits and taxes at country-by-country (CBC) level?

The TRAC 2016 report and press release (in French) are now available. For further reading, please click here

Thank you Aurélia Belvaux, Alexia Borremans, Maxime Servais, Léna Vandermoere, Marie Vranckx and Lionel Willems, and coach Corentin Hericher. A job well done. We hope transparency will continue to be on your radars for the years to come!