Understanding and investigating Offshore Finance and Multinational Companies

Date : 15/11/2016

Corporate and tax transparency is important. Understanding and investigating Offshore Finance and the interpretation of financial accounts of multinational companies, is key to report about issues that are legally or ethically not right. Sweetheart deals, tax havens, states competing with each other with tax incentives, etc, the effects on public funds cannot be underestimated. These constructions, in most cases, increase inequality worldwide whereby citizen's in developing countries are the biggest victims. Public Country by Country Reporting is a crucial tool in the fight against corruption and to bring judicial loopholes more to the surface. TI EU is advocating strongly for this at the European level.
The past two days, colleagues from 12 TI Chapters, participated in a training provided by Nick Mathiason and George Turner from Finance : Uncovered to gain more expertise in this domain. An enriching experience! A a big thank you to TI EU who made this possible and to the trainers for sharing so many interesting insights.

For more information about Country by Country Reporting, click here.